all paintings are acrylic on canvas, on 1 X 2" stretchers, and framed with 1/4" lattice





(( the meeting of natural and corporate power ))





(( layering forms and color to create energy ))






(( animals have been proven to have the ability to deceive ))






(( the ability to enter the dreams of others ))






(( ideas transmitted through the eyes ))






((we're all spectators and spectacles))






((somewhere everything exists))






((chemicals found in both the sun and earth affect us and our architecture))






((life breaks in both the beginning and the end, but in opposite ways))





((the events in history do not repeat, but only appear to as they roll in like waves we've seen before))







(( the sky as a weapon ))






(( finding the line between a warning shot and a final shot ))





((why is a foriegn presense usually considered a bad thing?))





((the next step of a foriegn presense is to inhabit a person or place))




((so much control at the top creates chaos))